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Financial support for work on the Guide to the Archives of Science in Australia came from three sources. The project was initially funded by a grant from the Committee to Review Australian Studies in Tertiary Education (CRASTE) in late 1987. CRASTE was established by the Commonwealth Department of Employment, Education and Training in connection with the Australian Bicentenary celebrations of 1988. Though it was realised from the outset that this grant would not be sufficient to see the task completed, it did allow the collection of a significant amount of data and the establishment of a database system to handle the information. A grant from the Helen M. Schutt Trust in late 1988 allowed for the further collation of data and its entry into the database. Then in late 1989 the National Centre for Research and Development in Australian Studies (now the National Centre for Australian Studies) at Monash University provided sufficient funds to see the remaining data processed and the output prepared for publication.

The National Library of Australia also provided funds to allow work to continue on the database, specifically the collation and assemblage of data in a format suitable for use on the OZLINE network.

The guide databases were further developed by Tim Sherratt in 1995 to produce a web edition, Bright Sparcs. There has been progressive development and enhancement of both the data and the content management system since that time by Joanne Evans and the Austehc team.

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