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Biographical entry Hardman, Edward Townley (1845 - 1887)


6 April 1845
Drogheda, Louth, Ireland
30 April 1887
Dublin, Ireland


Edward Hardman was seconded from Ireland to the Colonial Office in Western Australia as a temporary geologist (1883). His primary task was to find the colony's first profitable goldfield. Hardman went on two expeditions to the Kimberlys, first in 1883 and then again the following year. It was during the 1884 visit that he discovered good deposits of alluvial gold. This instigated the deployment of many private prospecting parties to the Hall's Creek area in 1885. During these expeditions, Hardman made good notes and geographical maps of the area. His appointment was terminated in October 1885 so he returned to his post in Ireland. In 1887 a position for a permanent government geologist was created, but Edward Hardman fell ill and died before he could accept the posting.



Career position - Geologist on the Geological Survey of Ireland
1871 -
Career position - Fellow of the Royal Geological Society of Ireland (FGS)
1874 -
Career position - Fellow of the Chemical Society of London (FCS)
Career position - Survey of the Kimberleys region
1883 - 1885
Career position - Government Geologist with the Colonial Office of Western Australia
Career position - Discovery of the Kimberley goldfield
Career position - Geologist on the Geological Survey of Ireland

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