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Biographical entry Love, Ernest Frederick John (1861 - 1929)

31 October 1861
Weston-super-Mare, England
9 March 1929
Coburg, Victoria, Australia


Ernest Love was appointed as an assistant lecturer and demonstrator in natural philosophy at the University of Melbourne (1888) and he taught at the university until his retirement in 1929.

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Encyclopedia of Australian Science Exhibitions

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  • Love, E. F. J., 'Notes on the determination of the thrust lines of a skew arch (Paper & Discussion)', Proceedings of the Victorian Institute of Engineers vol. III (1903), 58-68. Details
  • Love, Ernst Frederick John, 'The Joule-Thompson Effect: its connexion with the Characteristic Equation, and Some of its Thermodynamical Consequences', The Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science (1899), 106-115. Details
  • Lyle, M.A., Steele, W.H. and Love, Ernst Frederick John, 'On Our Knowledge of the Thermodynamics of the Voltaic Cell', Report of the Seventh Meeting of the Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science, 7 (1898), 71-86. Details


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