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Biographical entry Lawrence, Robert (1807 - 1833)

18 October 1807
18 October 1833


Robert Lawrence worked as a botanical collector in Tasmania, particularly the north of the state. A large number of his specimens were sent to Sir William Hooker at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. He was also an associate of Ronald Campbell Gunn and is responsible for introducing Gunn and Hooker. He is commemorated in species of several Tasmanian and mainland genera.



Taxonomy event - Collected the syntype of Eucalyptus coccifera Hook. F.

Archival resources

Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, Community History Collection

  • Robert Lawrence - Records, 1807 - 1833; Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, Community History Collection. Details

Published resources

Encyclopedia of Australian Science Exhibitions


  • Burns, T. E. and Skemp, J. R., Van Diemen's Land correspondents: letters from R. C. Gunn, R. W. Lawrence, Jorgen Jorgenson, Sir John Franklin and others to Sir William Hooker, 1827 - 1849 (Launceston: Queen Victoria Museum, 1961), 142 pp. Details

Journal Articles

  • Maiden, J.H., 'Records of Tasmanian Botanists', Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania (1909), 9-29. Details


See also

  • Hall, Norman, Botanists of the Eucalypts: short biographies of people who have named eucalypts, whose names have been given to species or who have collected type material (Melbourne: CSIRO, 1978), 101 pp. Details

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