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Biographical entry Arnold, Joseph (1782 - 1818)

28 December 1782
Beccles, Suffolk, England
26 July 1818
Padang, Sumatra
Naturalist and Naval surgeon


Joseph Arnold was a naval surgeon for most of his career. Towards the end of his life he worked for Sir Stamford Raffles in Sumatra as a naturalist. His collection of fossils and shells was deposited in the museum of the Linnean Society, of which he was a fellow.


From 1815 onwards Joseph Arnold tried unsuccessfully to practise in Sydney. He then sailed for England in the "Indefatigable", which burnt to the water's edge in Batavia.


Education - Apprenticed to a surgeon and apothecary
Education - Diploma in Surgery completed in Edinburgh, Scotland
1808 - 1815
Career position - Assistant Surgeon with the Royal Navy in England
Career position - Surgeon on the H.M.S. Hindostan voyage to Sydney
Career position - Surgeon-Superintendent on the Northampton voyage to Sydney
Career position - Naturalist for Sir Stanford Raffles in Sumatra

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