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Biographical entry Guilfoyle, William Robert (1840 - 1912)

8 December 1840
Chelsea, England
25 June 1912
East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Horticulturist and Landscape gardener


William Guilfoyle was curator of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne from 1873 to 1909. During his time as curator, he oversaw the expansion of the garden's parameters and the conversion of swamps to lakes. He was a successor to Ferdinand von Mueller in this role. Before taking up this position he designed numerous public, domestic and homestead gardens mainly in Victoria, and also accompanied Commodore Lambert to the South Sea Islands (1868). He also authored several text books on botany.



Career position - Botanical Collector for Commodore Lambert to the South Sea Islands H.M.S. Challenger
1873 - 1909
Career position - Director of the Melbourne Botanical Gardens
Taxonomy event - Eucalyptus guilfoylei Maiden was named in his honour

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