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Biographical entry Brady, Joseph (1828 - 1908)


18 August 1828
near Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, Ireland
8 July 1908
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Civil engineer


Joseph Brady was an engineer on railway and water projects in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. One of his most important projects was the development of the Port of Melbourne 1877-1891.


Title Commutation Survey, England 1842-44; assistant engineer on railway surveys in Kent and Lincolnshire and on the construction of the Skipton, Sedbergh and Lancaster railway 1844-50; draftsman, Sydney Railway Co. 1850; surveys and drawings for the Yan Yean water scheme for Melbourne 1851; assistant engineer, Sydney Railway Co. 1851-57, acting as chief engineer for a time; engineer to the Sandhurst (Bendigo) waterworks, engineer for the Melbourne to Sandhurst railway, survey and design of the Coliban River water supply to the Bendigo and Mount Alexander goldfields 1858-63; navigational improvements, Brisbane and Bremer Rivers between Brisbane and Ipswich 1864; engineer of harbours and rivers, Queensland 1865-67; managed the Brisbane-Dalby railway construction 1867-69; in charge of building the first section of the north-eastern railway line from Melbourne to Seymour 1869-71; engineer, Bendigo waterworks 1871-73; engineer for the Bendigo district of the Goulburn River Water Supply 1873-77; engineer, Melbourne Harbour Trust 1877-91, developing the Port of Melbourne; consultant 1891-94.


7 December 1875 -
Career event - Associate Member (AssocMInstCE), Institution of Civil Engineers, London
3 December 1878 -
Career event - Member (MInstCE), Institution of Civil Engineers, London
1883 -
Career event - Foundation Member, Victorian Engineers Association

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