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Biographical entry Coane, John Montgomery (1848 - 1923)

Ballyshannon, County Donegal, Ireland
28 December 1923
North Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Surveyor and Engineer


John Coane studied engineering in Dublin before moving to Australia in 1867c. He worked in Queensland's mining districts for several years then moved to Victoria where he joined the Victorian Education Department (1873). Coane spent the next five years or so teaching at various schools around country Victoria. In 1879 he became an authorized surveyor and was appointed to the country town of Benalla. John Coane later established a consulting company in partnership with G. H. Grant. This soon became one of the countries peek consulting firms and they carried out general surveying and civil, hydraulic and mining engineering projects throughout country Victoria and in the cities.



c. 1867
Life event - Migrated to Australia (Queensland)
c. 1871
Life event - Moved to Victoria
1873 - 1874
Career position - Teacher at Napoleon, Victoria
1 January 1875 - 31 December 1878
Career position - Teacher at Samaria, Victoria
Career position - Consulting Engineers practice established with George Hudson Grant
Career position - Surveyor in Benella, Victoria
c. 1880
Career position - Extensive land surveys of Yea and Seymour areas
1890 - 1891
Career position - President of the Victorian Institute of Surveyors
1899 - 1921
Consulting Engineer to the City of Brighton
1905 - 1906
Career position - President of the Victorian Institute of Surveyors
1905 - 1917
Career position - Chairman of the Sludge Abatement Board (Mines Department)
1906 - 1914
Career position - Representative on the Land Surveyors' Board

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