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Biographical entry Benjamin, Louis Reginald Samuel (1892 - 1970)

30 April 1892
Ayr, Queensland, Australia
14 March 1970
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Industrial chemist and Technologist


Louis Benjamin was involved in research into the use of eucalypts for paper production, in particular the soda, sulphite and mechanical processes of pulping wood. He was employed by the Institute of Science and Industry, CSIR and Australian Paper Manufacturers Ltd.


Born Ayr, Queensland, 30 April 1892. Died Hobart, 14 March 1970. CBE 1956. Educated Kalgoorlie School of Mines. Metallurgist, eastern goldfields; chemistry department, Perth Technical College under I.H. Boas (q.v.) 1918; Institute of Science and Industry (later Council for Scientific and Industrial Research) 1919-28; technical superintendent, pulp and paper-mill operated by Tasmanian Paper Pty Ltd at Kermandie 1928-30; superintendent of research and technical control, Australian Paper Manufacturers Ltd, Melbourne 1930-32; Derwent Valley Paper Co. Pty Ltd, Hobart (formed Australian Newsprint Mills Pty Ltd in 1938) 1932-56, retiring as General Superintendent; general superintendent, newsprint mill at Boyer, Tasmania from 1938 - in 1941, it was the first mill in the world to use hardwood for this purpose.

Archival resources

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) Corporate Records and Archives Strategies

  • Louis Reginald Samuel Benjamin - Records, 1918 - 1928; Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) Corporate Records and Archives Strategies. Details

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