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Biographical entry Koch, David Francis Anthonisz (1926 - )


29 April 1926
Sri Lanka


David Koch was Chief of the Division of Mineral Chemistry at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) from 1971. His many achievements in this post include initiating the establishment of CSIRO Minerals activities in Western Australia in 1984 (The DFA Koch Building in Western Australia is named in his honour). Koch later moved to Alcoa's Mine Rehabilitation Research Group as a Senior Research Scientist.



1948 - c. 1960
Career position - Research Officer in the Division of Industrial Chemistry at CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation)
1960 - 1961
Career position - Research Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania, USA
1965 - 1966
Career position - Senior Research Fellow at the University of Western Australia
1969 - 1971
Career position - Assistant Chief of the Division of Mineral Chemistry at CSIRO
1971 - c. 1980
Career position - Chief of the CSIRO Division of Mineral Chemistry
c. 1980 - c
Career position - Senior Research Scientist at the Mine Rehabilitation Research Group of Alcoa Australia

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