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Biographical entry Candy, Michael Philip (1928 - 1994)

23 December 1928
Bath, England
2 November 1994
Perth, Western Australia, Australia


Michael Candy joined the Perth Observatory in 1969 and was Director 1984-1993. Much of his work has been on comets and minor planets. One of his career highlights was calculating positions for Halley's comet in 1986, with 10% of all Earth-based positions of the comet being made from Perth under his supervision.


Born Bath, England, 23 December 1928. Died Perth, 2 November 1994. Educated London University (BSc 1963) and University of Sussex (MSc 1965). Majesty's Almanac Office, England 1947-ca 1960, Royal Greenwich Observatory ca 1961-69, astronomer, Perth Observatory 1969-84, government astronomer, Perth Observatory 1984-93. First astronomer to discover a comet and calculate its orbit (Comet Candy 1960), Merlin Medal, British Astronomical Association 1975, asteroid 3015 Candy named after him ca 1984. Director, comet section, British Astronomical Association 1959-69.

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  • Michael Philip Candy - Records, 1969 - 1990; Perth Observatory. Details

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