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Biographical entry Elliott, Sizar (1814 - 1901)

13 May 1814
Burnham, Essex, England
1 March 1901
Prahran, Victoria, Australia
Inventor and Merchant


Sizar Elliott was a keen inventor and scientific experimenter. He introduced heat technology to Australia for the transportation of food. His innovations won him awards at various shows and exhibitions. Elliott became prominent in the civic affairs of Melbourne from the late 1850s as a Member of Council and magistrate. From 1857 to 1862 he was a member of the Exploration Committee of the Philosophical Institute of Victoria (later Royal Society of Victoria) which organised the Victorian Exploring Expedition.



1856 - 1858
Career position - Member, Philosophical Institute of Victoria
1857 - 1859
Career position - Member, Exploration Committee of the Philosophical Institute of Victoria
Career position - Member, Melbourne City Council
1858 - 1859
Award - Life Member, Philosophical Institute of Victoria
1859 -
Career position - Member, Royal Society of Victoria
1859 - 1862
Career position - Member, Member of the Exploration Committee of the Royal Society of Victoria

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