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Biographical entry Roderick, Jack William (1913 - 1990)


21 September 1913
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
27 November 1990
Glenhaven, New South Wales, Australia


Jack Roderick was Professor and Head of School of Civil Engineering, University of Sydney 1951-1978. In 1968 he set up the Postgraduate Civil Engineering Foundation, an organisation which brought industry and University together and which provided a source of funds for research. He made significant contributions to the theory of welded and other metal structures and the application of plastic theory to the design of such structures.



Career Position - Chairman, Provisional Council, Australian Welding Research Association
Award - Fellow, American Society of Civil Engineers, United States of America (USA)
Award - Fellow, Institution of Civil Engineers London, England
Award - Fellow, Institute of Structural Engineers, United Kingdom
- 1935
Education - Bachelor of Science (BSc), University of Bristol, England
- 1937
Education - Masters of Science (MSc), University of Bristol, England
- 1941
Education - Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), University of Bristol, England
- 1945
Education - Masters of Arts (MA), University of Cambridge, England
Career position - Engineering Assistant, H. Young and Co. Structural Engineers, Bristol, England
1935 - 1937
Career position - Engineering Assistant, Experimental Department, Bristol Aeroplane Company, England
1937 - 1939
Career position - Research Assistant, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Bristol, England
1939 - 1943
Career position - Lecturer in Civil and Mechanical Engineering, University of Leeds, England
Career position - Technical Intelligence Officer, Ministry of Home Security (survey of bomb-damaged steel structures), England
Career position - Secondment to the University of Cambridge, England by the British Welding Research Association
1945 - 1950
Career position - Assistant Director of Research, Engineering Department, University of Cambridge, England
Career position - Secondment to British Welding Research Association to supervise establishment of its Abington Research Station
Career position - University Lectureship and in Charge of Postgraduate Courses, The University of Cambridge, England
1951 - 1978
Career position - Challis Professor of Civil Engineering, The University of Sydney, Australia
Award - Fellow, Australian Academy of Science
Career Position - Chairman, Sydney Division, Institution of Engineers, Australia
1962 - 1964
Career Position - Secretary (Physical Sciences), Australian Academy of Science
Career Position - President, Institution of Engineers Australia
Award - Peter Nicol Russell Medal, Institution of Engineers, Australia
1977 - 1987
Award - Fellow, Australian Academy of Technological Sciences
1981 -
Award - Laboratory named in his honor, The J.W. Roderick Laboratory for Materials and Structures, The University of Sydney, Australia
1987 - 1990
Award - Fellow, Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering

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  • Black, Hermann, The J.W. Roderick Laboratory for Materials and Structures, amed by Sir Hermann Black. One hundred years of structural testing, address by N. S. Trahair (Sydney: University of Sydney Press, 1981). Details

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