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Biographical entry Girault, Alexandrè Arsène (1884 - 1941)

9 January 1884
Annapolis, Maryland, United States of America
2 May 1941


Alexandrè Girault spent two periods in Queensland, as Entomologist for the Bureau of Sugar Experiment Stations 1911-1914 and as Assistant Entomologist in the Department of Agriculture and Stock 1918-1919 and 1923-1930. He collected in Queensland and New South Wales.


Born Annapolis, Maryland, USA, 9 January 1884. Died 2 May 1941. Field Assistant, US Bureau of Entomology 1904-07, laboratory assistant, Illinois State Entomologist 1908-09, Assistant in Entomology, University of Illinois 1909-11, Entomologist, Bureau of Sugar Experiment Stations, Queensland 1911-14, Expert, US Bureau of Entomology, Washington 1914-17, Assistant Entomologist, Department of Agriculture and Stock, Queensland 1918-19, 1923-30. Collected in Queensland and New South Wales.

Published resources


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Journal Articles

  • Dahms, Edward Clive, 'A checklist of the types of Australian Hymenoptera described by Alexandre Arsene Girault, I: introduction, acknowledgements, biography, bibliography and localities', Memoirs of the Queensland Museum, 19 (2) (1978), 127-90. Details


See also

  • Angus, B. M., Cannon, L. G. R. and Adlard, R. D., 'Parasitology and the Queensland Museum, with Biographical Notes on Collectors', Memoirs of the Queensland Museum: Nature, 53 (2007), 1-156. Details

McCarthy, G.J.