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Biographical entry Bidwill, John Carne (1815 - 1853)

Exeter, England
16 March 1853
New South Wales, Australia
Botanist and Land commissioner


John Bidwill was Director of the Sydney Botanic Gardens and Government Botanist for a brief period in 1847-1848, when by a misunderstanding the Colonial Office gave the position to Charles Moore. He then established a Botanic Garden at Tinana, Queensland.


Born Exeter, England, 1815. Died Tinana (now a suburb of Maryborough), Queensland, 16 March 1853. Arrived Sydney 1838; joined a commercial firm; explored and collected botanical specimens New Zealand 1839, 1840; Kew 1841-44; Tahiti 1845-46; director of Sydney Botanic Gardens and government botanist 1847-48; commissioner of crown lands at Wide Bay 1848-1853; established a botanic garden at Tinana. The genus Bidwillia and some twelve species of native Australian and New Zealand plants commemorate his name.


Taxonomy event - Collector of the holotype Eucalyptus populifolia Hook. (1852) (= Eucalyptus populnea F. Muell. (1859))

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