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Biographical entry Dodd, Frederick Parkhurst (1861 - 1937)

11 March 1861
Wickliffe, Victoria, Australia
27 July 1937
Kuranda, Queensland, Australia
Entomologist and Bank employee


Frederick Dodd was known as the "Butterfly man of Kuranda". He gave up fourteen years of bank service to devote himself full-time to his hobby of collecting butterflies and beetles. The first five years were spent collecting in Brisbane, followed by five years collecting in Townsville, then Kuranda. He also made several shorter expeditions to places including Darwin and New Guinea. Dodd quickly became a prominent entomologist, acquiring a large insect collection and has many species named after him. His two daughters Elizabeth Frances (1903-1995) and Katharine Mary (1907-1995) and four sons all followed in his footsteps.



Life event - Moved to Townsville, Queensland
Life event - Moved to Kuranda
1908 - 1909
Career position - Collecting expedition to Darwin
1910 - 1911
Career position - Collecting expedition (six months) to Herberton
Career position - Collecting expedition (five months) to New Guinea

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See also

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