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Biographical entry Aurousseau, Marcel (1891 - 1983)

22 August 1983
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


Marcel Aurousseau began his career at the Australian Museum as an office boy before taking up studies in geology and chemistry. During World War I he enlisted in the Army and served in France. When he returned Aurousseau worked at the University of Western Australia, then at the Geophysical Laboratory in the United States. He returned to Australia at the beginning of the Depression, then moved to Europe to write. Aurousseau lived in London during World War II and worked on editing the letters of Ludwig Leichhardt.

Archival resources

National Library of Australia Oral History Collection

  • Marcel Aurousseau - Records, 1910 - 1977, DeB 1005; National Library of Australia Oral History Collection. Details

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McCarthy, G.J.