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Biographical entry Clark, Donald (1864 - 1932)

17 February 1864
Ashby, Victoria, Australia
7 April 1932
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Metallurgist and Science educator


Donald Clark, an engineering graduate of the University of Melbourne, became foundation Director of the Bairnsdale District School of Mines in 1889-1906, then Director of the Bendigo School of Mines to 1909. He lectured at the University of Melbourne in 1910 in metallurgy and from 1911 to 1930 was Chief Inspector of Technical Schools.


Donald Clark contributed largely to the solution of the treatment of complex ores in the Cassilis district in Gippsland, as well as to the evolution of the flotation process and the methods of refining cyanide precipitate and sludge from electrolytic copper refineries.

He significantly contributed to the Australian literature on the treatment of ores, and wrote "Australian Mining and Metallurgy" 1904, "Gold Refining" 1909, and three important booklets on technical education between 1923 and 1929.

He was largely responsible for the junior technical schools as an integral part of the Victorian post-primary education structure.


1883 - 1885
Career position - Surveyor's Assistant
Education - Bachelor of Civil Engineering (BCE), University of Melbourne
1889 - 1906
Career position - Foundation Director, Bairnsdale District School of Mines and Industry
Career event - Member (MAusIME), Australasian Institute of Mining Engineers
Patent - Process for the treatment of gold slimes by the nitre cake method.
1906 - 1909
Career position - Director, Bendigo School of Mines
Education - Master of Mining Engineering (MME), University of Melbourne
Career position - Lecturer in metallurgy, University of Melbourne
1911 - 1930
Career position - First Chief inspector of Technical Schools, Education Department, Victoria

Published resources

Encyclopedia of Australian Science Exhibitions

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Journal Articles

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  • Clark, Donald, 'The training of an engineer (Paper & Discussion)', Proceedings of the Victorian Institute of Engineers vol. XVI (1917), 20-49, 54-67, 84-90, 114-122. Details


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