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Biographical entry Vickery, James Richard (1902 - 1997)


9 July 1902
Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
13 June 1997
Food scientist


James Vickery was Chief of the CSIR/O Division of Food Preservation 1940-1967. He had originally joined the CSIR Section of Food Preservation and Transport in 1931 as Officer-in-Charge. In 1929 he was sent as biologist on a scientific survey party sent from England at the request of the New Zealand Government to examine and report on certain aspects of the export lamb trade.



1975 - 1987
Award - Foundation Fellow, Australian Academy of Technological Sciences
1987 - 1997
Award - Fellow, Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Sciences

Archival resources

Private hands (Vickery, J.R.)

  • James Richard Vickery - Records; Private hands (Vickery, J.R.). Details

Published resources


  • Vickery, J. R., Food Science and Technology in Australia: a review of research since 1900 (North Ryde, New South Wales: CSIRO, 1990), 162 pp. Details

Journal Articles

  • 'Dr. James Richard Vickery: Food research chief retires', Australian Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating, 21 (7) (1967), 43-44. Details
  • Vickery, J. R., 'Retirement of F. E. Huelin: an appreciation by J. R. Vickery. [Includes list of published papers]', CSIRO Food Preservation Quarterly, 30 (1) (1970), 16-18. Details
  • Vickery, J. R., 'Tribute to Dr W. J. Scott [includes list of publications]', CSIRO Food Research Quarterly, 32 (4) (1972), 62-66. Details
  • Vickery, J. R., 'Louis Frederick Bullot - a Pioneer in Meat Technology', Food Technology in Australia, 37 (1985), 458, 461. Details
  • Vickery, J. R., 'William John Young: a Pioneer in Food Science in Australia', Food Technology in Australia, 38 (4) (1986), 158-159. Details



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