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Biographical entry Willis, James Hamlyn (1910 - 1995)


28 January 1910
Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia
10 November 1995
Brighton, Victoria, Australia


James Willis is one of Australia's most renowned and beloved botanists and authors. He was taxonomic botanist at the National Herbarium within the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne, from 1937 to the end of his career in 1972. Willis received many honours including those from the Australian Institute of Horticulture, the Society for Growing Australian Plants, the Australian Conservation Foundation and the National Trust of Australia, and the Royal Society of Victoria's Research Medal. He was educated at the Victorian School of Forestry in Creswick (Dip.For.) and at the University of Melbourne (BSc, DSc). He is commemorated in Eucalyptus willisii Ladiges, Humphries & Brooker (1938) as well as species in several other genera. In a extensive publishing career Willis issued over 400 books and articles, including the milestone Handbook to plants in Victoria which was based on his considerable knowledge of the Victorian flora. Willis's wife Mavis was an enthusiastic participant in his many field trips. The National Herbarium of Victoria holds nearly 19,000 specimens collected by Willis, and awards the J. H. Willis Studentship annually.



1930 - 1939
Career position - Forests Commission Field Officer in Victoria
1939 - 1947
Career position - Assistant, National Herbarium of Victoria
1947 - 1961
Career position - Botanist at the National Herbarium in Victoria
1948 - 1951
Career position - Editor, Victorian naturalist
Taxonomy event - Co-author of Eucalyptus aromaphloia L.D.Pryor & J. H. Willis
1955 - 1967
Career position - Editor, Muelleria
1958 - 1959
Career position - Australian Botanical Liaison Officer, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Award - Australian Natural History Medallion received
1961 - 1972
Career position - Assistant Government Botanist at the National Herbarium
1970 - 1971
Career position - Acting Director of the Royal Botanic Gardens and the National Herbarium
Life event - Retired
Taxonomy event - Honoured with Eucalyptus willisii Ladiges, Humphries & Brooker
Award - Member of the Order of Australia (AM) for service to botany particularly in the field of Australian flora

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Archival resources

Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

  • Records of James Hamlyn Willis, 1804 - 1996; Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne. Details

Published resources

Encyclopedia of Australian Science Exhibitions


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Conference Papers

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See also

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