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Biographical entry Hobson, Edmund Charles (1814 - 1848)

10 August 1814
Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia
4 March 1848
South Yarra, Victoria, Australia
Physician and Naturalist


Edmund Hobson, having started his medical studies in Hobart, completed those studies in London and at the University of Erlangen in Bavaria, While in London he made the acquaintance of Richard Owen. Hobson returned to Hobart in 1839, setting up a medical practice and becoming involved in the early days of what became the Royal Society of Tasmania. He helped established the first scientific magazine published in Tasmania, the Tasmanian journal of natural science, agriculture, statistics, etc. Ill-health caused Hobson to move to Melbourne in 1840, where he was appointed to the Victorian Medical Board and as physician of the Melbourne Hospital. He established connections with naturalists in central and western Victoria, including William Adeney and Patrick Mayne, and sent many of their fossil and other faunal collections to Owen.



1839 - 1840
Career position - In private practice in Hobart
Life event - Moved to Melbourne
Career position - Member, Victorian Medical Board
1847 - 1848
Career position - Physician, Melbourne Hospital

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