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Biographical entry Bailey, Frederick Manson (1827 - 1915)

8 March 1827
Hackney, London, England
25 June 1915
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Botanical collector, Botanist and Horticulturalist


Frederick Bailey was the Colonial Botanist in Queensland 1881-1915. He had earlier been appointed by the Queensland Government as botanist to investigate the cause of diseases affecting livestock and plants. Frederick Manson collected plant specimen all over Queensland and in British New Guinea and made an important contribution to the naming and classification of eucalypts. His son was John Frederick Bailey and his grandson was Cyril Tenison White.


After arriving in Adelaide in 1839, Bailey partnered his father and brother in a nursery at Hackney, near Adelaide. He then made a short visit to the Bendigo goldfields. Bailey eventually moved to Queensland where he set up his own seed supply store and plant collection business. He soon gained respect as a botanist, obtaining many distinguished career positions. Frederick Bailey's name was given to more than 50 species of plants. He published many significant volumes documenting Queensland's flora include the seven volume The Queensland flora (1899-1905) and Handbook of the Ferns of Queensland (1874).


Life event - Arrived in Australia (Adelaide)
1858 - 1861
Career position - Land holder in the Hutt Valley area of New Zealand
1861 - 1875
Career position - Seed store owner and plant exporter in Brisbane
1875 - 1879
Career position - Botanist on the Queensland Government board to inquire into the causes of diseases affecting livestock and plants
Taxonomy event - Eucalyptus planchoniana F.Muell. Bailey collected the type.
Taxonomy event - Eucalyptus baileyana F.Muell. named for Bailey, who collected the type
1880 - 1882
Career position - Acting Curator at the Queensland museum
1881 - 1915
Career position - Colonial Botanist in Queensland
Career position - President of the Royal Society of Queensland
Award - Clarke Medal received from the Royal Society of New South Wales
Taxonomy event - Collected and described Eucalyptus leichhardtii F.M.Bailey (= Eucalyptus peltata Benth. (F. M. Bailey) ssp. Leichhardtii L. Johnson & D. Blaxell (1973)). Now Corymbia leichhardtii (F.M.Bailey) K.D.Hill & L.A.S.Johnson (1995)
Career position - President of the biology section of the Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science
Award - Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George (CMG)

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