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Biographical entry Harker, George Percy (1878 - 1957)

12 February 1878
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
15 April 1957
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Chemist and Teacher


George Harker spent his professional career alternating between teaching and chemical research. He published at least thirteen research articles in the field of chemistry and was a member of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute.



1898 - 1900
Career position - Demonstrator in Chemistry at the University of Sydney
Education - Bachelor of Science (BSc) completed at the University of Sydney
Career position - Science Teacher at Hawkesbury Agriculture College, New South Wales
1901 - 1903
Career position - 1851 Exhibition Scholar
Education - Doctor of Science (DSc) received from the Central Technical College, London
1903 - 1914
Career position - Research Chemist at Colonial Sugar Refining Co. in Sydney
1914 - 1927
Career position - Lecturer in Organic Chemistry at the University of Sydney
1927 - 1929
Career position - Analytical and Consulting Chemist in Melbourne
1929 - 1938
Career position - Research Officer of the Cancer Research Commission at the University of Sydney
1940 - 1945
Career position - Science Teacher at Trinity Grammar School, Sydney

Published resources

Encyclopedia of Australian Science Exhibitions

Journal Articles

  • Harker, G., 'On the Composition of N.S. Wales Labradorite and Topazes with a Comparison of Methods for the Estimation of Fluorine', Journal and Proceedings of the Royal Society of New South Wales, 33 (1899), 193-203. Details


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