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Biographical entry Jacobs, Maxwell Ralph (1905 - 1979)

I.S.O., Dip.For., M.Sc., Dr.lng., Ph.D.

25 February 1905
North Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
9 October 1979
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
Botanical collector, Botanist and Forester


Maxwell Jacobs was Principal of the Forestry School, Canberra between 1945 and 1961 and the Commonwealth Director-General of Forests from 1961 to 1970.



1928 - 1929
Career position - Chief Forester for the Australian Capital Territory
Taxonomy event - Eucalyptus jacobsiana Blakely, which was collected by Jacobs, was named in his honour
Taxonomy event - Eucalyptus niphophloia Blakely & Jacobs
Taxonomy event - Eucalyptus camaldulensis Dehnh. var. pendula Blakely & Jacobs
Taxonomy event - Eucalyptus abbreviata Blakely & Jacobs
1934 - 1939
Career position - Lecturer, Australian Forestry School
1934 - 1939
Career position - Research Officer, Australian Forestry and Timber Bureau
1944 - 1959
Career position - Principal and lecturer in Silviculture, Australian Forestry School
1960 - 1970
Career position - Director-General, Australian Forestry and Timber Bureau
Award - Jolly Medal of the Institute of Foresters of Australia
1966 - 1969
Career position - Chairman of the Timber Industries Committee of the Standards Association of Australia
1975 - 1979
Award - Foundation Fellow, Australian Academy of Technological Sciences

Archival resources

Adolph Basser Library, Australian Academy of Science

  • Maxwell Ralph Jacobs - Records, 1911 - 1959, MS 074; Adolph Basser Library, Australian Academy of Science. Details

Published resources

Encyclopedia of Australian Science Exhibitions


  • Jacobs, M.R., A Survey of the Genus Eucalyptus in the Northern Territory (Canberra: Commonwealth Forestry Bureau, 1934). Details
  • Jacobs, M.R., Growth habits of the eucalypts (Canberra: Forestry and Timber Bureau, 1955), 262 pp. Details

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  • Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, Technology in Australia 1788-1988, Online edn, Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre, Melbourne, 3 May 2000, Details
  • Hall, Norman, Botanists of the Eucalypts: short biographies of people who have named eucalypts, whose names have been given to species or who have collected type material (Melbourne: CSIRO, 1978), 101 pp. Details

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