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Biographical entry Michell, John Henry (1863 - 1940)


26 October 1863
Maldon, Victoria, Australia
3 February 1940
Camberwell, Victoria, Australia


John Michell was Lecturer in Mathematics, University of Melbourne from 1891 and then Professor 1923-1928. During the period 1890-1902 he published his researches in the theory of hydrodynamics and elasticity and became a world leader in the field. . In 1902 he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society, London, the first graduate from the University of Melbourne to be so honoured. In 1999 Australian and New Zealand Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ANZIAM) inaugurated the J. H. Michell Medal for outstanding new researchers.



Education - BA (Hons), University of Melbourne
Career position - Senior wrangler, University of Cambridge
1891 - 1923
Career position - Independent Lecturer in Mixed Mathematics, University of Melbourne
1902 - 1940
Award - Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS), England
1923 - 1928
Career position - Professor of Mathematics, University of Melbourne
Life event - Retired


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  • The University of Melbourne (1853 - )

    John Michell was Independent Lecturer in Mixed Mathematics (1891 - 1923) then Professor of Mathematics (1923 -1928) at The University of Melbourne.

    Date: 1891 - 1923

Archival resources

Adolph Basser Library, Australian Academy of Science

  • John Henry Michell - Records, 1884 - 1898, MS 013; Adolph Basser Library, Australian Academy of Science. Details

The University of Melbourne Archives

  • John Henry Michell - Records, 1881 - 1940; The University of Melbourne Archives. Details

Published resources

Encyclopedia of Australian Science Exhibitions


  • Michell, J. H. and Michell, A. G. M., Collected mathematical works of J. H. and A. G. M. Michell: edited by F. W. Niedenfuhr and J. R. M.Radok (Groningen, Netherlands: P. Noordhoff, 1964), 338 pp. Details

Book Sections

Conference Papers

Journal Articles

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