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Biographical entry Bellingshausen, Faddei Faddeevich (Fabian) (1778 - 1852)

Oesel, Russia
Neva, Russia
Explorer and Naval officer


Fabian Bellingshausen explored the Antarctic 1820-1821, discovering Peter I Island and Alexander I Land, and exploring and mapping Macquarie Island. His charts of the Antarctic were so accurate that the British Admiralty used them until 1931.


Born Oesel, Gulf of Riga, 1778. Died Neva, 1852. Took part in the first Russian circumnavigation of the globe 1803-06; commanded the first Russian expedition to the Antarctic, with instructions to go as near to the South Pole as possible, 1819-21; Turkish campaign of 1828-29; military governor of Kronstadt from 1839.

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