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Biographical entry Keartland, George Arthur (1848 - 1926)

11 June 1848
Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, England
21 May 1926
Preston, Victoria, Australia
Naturalist and Ornithologist


George Keartland was a naturalist with a keen interest in ornithology. His two main field trips were in 1894 from South Australia to the Northern Territory and in 1896-1897 to north-west Australia. Keartland complied many outstanding collections during his trips and these are now housed across Australia and at the Royal Scottish Museum in Edinburgh. He also wrote many articles and notes on birds, many of which were printed in the Victorian Naturalist. Keartland Hills in Western Australia and the bird Keartland's (Grey headed) Honeyeater are named after him. George Keartland worked as a photographer and compositor for Melbourne's Age newspaper for over fifty years to support his naturalist studies.



Life event - Migrated to Australia (Melbourne) with family
1871 -
Career position - Member of the Melbourne Typographical Society
May 1894 - August 1894
Career position - Field Ornathologist on the Horn expedition from Oodnadatta (South Australia) to MacDonnell Ranges (Northern Territory)
1896 - 1897
Career position - Field Ornathologist on the Calvert expedition to north-west Australia
Career position - Co-founder of the (Royal) Australasian Ornithologists' Union
1907 - 1909
Career position - President of the Field Naturalists' Club of Victoria

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