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Biographical entry Longman, Heber Albert (1880 - 1954)

24 June 1880
Heytesbury, Wiltshire, England
16 February 1954
Chelmer, Queensland, Australia
Zoologist and Palaeontologist


Heber Longman was a zoologist and palaeontologist who ran a newspaper in Toowoomba, Queensland, before joining the staff of the Queensland Museum in 1911. As Director of the Museum from 1918 to 1945 he was successful in raised the profile and reputation of the Museum while at the same time producing a large number of papers on a wide range of zoological subjects. He gained an international reputation for his contributions to vertebrate palaeontology, describing new genera of dinosaurs, marine reptiles, fish and marsupials, including a giant fish-lizard Kronosaurus queenslandicus and a wombat-like mammal Euiyzygoma dunense. Longman was a keen member of local naturalists' societies, being a founding member of the Toowoomba Field Naturalists' Club and President of the Queensland Naturalists' Club. In retirement he was in demand for lectures and broadcasts and wrote a regular column "Nature's ways" for Brisbane's daily newspaper, the Courier Mail.



Life event - Migrated to Queensland
1911 - 1917
Career position - Scientific Assistant, Queensland Museum
Career position - President, Queensland Naturalist's Club
1917 - 1918
Career position - Acting Director, Queensland Museum
1918 - 1945
Career position - Director, Queensland Museum
Career position - President, Royal Society of Queensland
Career position - President, Royal Society of Queensland
Life event - Retired
Award - Australian Natural History Medallion, Field Naturalists Club of Victoria
Award - Mueller Medal, Australian and New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science

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