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Biographical entry Bunce, Daniel (1813 - 1872)

18 March 1813
Hertfordshire, England
Geelong, Victoria, Australia


Daniel Bunce was Naturalist on Ludwig Leichhardt's second expedition in 1846-1847. He was also Curator of the Geelong Botanic Gardens, Victoria 1858-1872.


Born Hertfordshire, England, 1813. Died Geelong, 1872. Trained as a gardener and botanist; emigrated to Hobart Town 1835; opened Denmark Hill nursery, Launceston 1835-39; went to Port Phillip 1839; joined a party of Aboriginals on a journey to Western Port and made an intensive study of their spoken language; established a nursery at St Kilda; joined Leichhardt on his second attempt to cross Australia from east to west 1846; manager of a Bendigo mining company ca 1849-58; wrote on the flora of Bendigo for the Melbourne "Argus"; published "Language of the Aborigines" 1851; director, Geelong Botanical Gardens 1858-72. Wrote a number of books and articles on botany, gardening and travel. He is commemorated by Panicum buncei, F. V. M.


1858 - 1872
Career position - Curator, Geelong Botanic Gardens, Victoria

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