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Biographical entry Basedow, Herbert (1881 - 1933)

27 October 1881
Kent Town, South Australia, Australia
4 June 1933
Kent Town, South Australia, Australia
Explorer, Geologist, Medical doctor and Anthropologist


Herbert Basedow was Assistant Government Geologist of South Australia 1910 and then Chief Protector of Aborigines and Chief Medical Officer of the Northern Territory 1911. He took part in many expeditions, including the Leichhardt search party, Barcoo District. He is said to have coined the name 'didgeridoo' in 1926 on the basis of the sound made by the instrument.


Born Kent Town, Adelaide, 27 October 1881. Died Kent Town, 4 June 1933. Educated University of Adelaide 1898-1902 (BSc 1910) and South Australian School of Mines and Industries, Breslau University 1907-09 (PhD 1908), Heidelberg 1909 and G├Âttingen 1909-10 (MD, ChD). Member, South Australian Government North-West Prospecting Expedition 1903; assistant to the government geologist 1905-06; assistant government geologist of South Australia and government medical officer for remote districts 1910-11; chief protector and chief medical inspector of Aboriginals at Darwin 1911; private medical and geological practice, Adelaide 1911-33; leader of a search for munition minerals in the northern Kimberleys of Western Australia 1916; medical relief expedition, funded by the South Australian and Commonwealth governments, to examine and report on the prevalence of disease among Central Australian Aboriginals 1920; led a search for the remains of Ludwig Leichhardt (q.v.), early 1920s; led the First [ Donald] Mackay (q.v.) Exploration Expedition on a geographical and scientific investigation of the south-west of the Northern Territory 1926; led the Second Mackay Exploration expedition towards the Gulf of Carpentaria and into the heart of Arnhem land 1928. President, Australian Petroleum Association, chairman, Aborigines' Protection League. Many insects and plants and a mollusc he discovered were named after him. Made anthropological studies of the Australian aborigines and was an early conservationist who wanted sanctuaries and national parks to preserve rare inland flora and fauna.


Taxonomy event - Eucalyptus coolabah Blakely & Jacobs var. arida Blakely (= Eucalyptus microtheca F.Muell. (1859). Basedow collected the type

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