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Biographical entry Jack, Robert Logan (1845 - 1921)

16 September 1845
Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland
6 November 1921
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Geologist and Explorer


Robert Jack worked in Australia as a geologist from 1877 to 1899 and from 1905. During his first stay in Australia, Jack was geological surveyor of northern Queensland and then Queensland's government geologist. His contributions to Queensland were great and many. He mapped Queensland and its coal sites in Bowen River, Flinders River and Townsville, reported on many areas rich in gold, tin, silver and sapphire, and his earlier work led to the search for artesian water and the construction of the first government bore in the Great Artesian Basin. He was also (co-) author of many books and articles on the geology, mineralogy and palaeontology of Queensland.



1867 - 1876
Career position - Surveyor on the Geological Survey of Scotland
1876 - 1879
Career position - Geological Surveyor in northern Queensland
1879 - 1899
Career position - Government Geologist in Queensland
Career position - The Geology and Palaeontology of Queensland and New Guinea published in 3 volumes in Brisbane
Career position - President of the Royal Society of Queensland
Career position - Geological survey to Szechuan, China
1901 - 1904
Career position - Consultant Mining Geologist in London
c. 1905 - c. 1910
Career position - Consulting Engineer in Western Australia
1910 -
Career position - Consulting Geologist in Sydney

Published resources

Encyclopedia of Australian Science Exhibitions


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