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Biographical entry Courtney-Pratt, Jeofry Stuart (1920 - )

31 January 1920
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Physical chemist and Applied physicist


Jeofry Courtney-Pratt was a sort after physicist who worked for Australia's key industrial research organization, CSIR and several overseas companies. He was the Assistant Director of Research in physics at Cambridge, and Head of several departments at the American giants Bell Telephone Laboratories and AT&T Information Systems Laboratories.



1940 - 1946
Career position - Assistant at the Lubricants and Bearings Section of CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research)
Education - Bachelor of Education (Bed) completed at the University of Tasmania
1947 - 1949
Education - Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) completed at Gonville and Caius College at Cambridge, UK (1851 Exhibition Senior Scholarship)
1953 - 1957
Career position - Assistant Director of Research of the Department of Physical Chemistry at the University of Cambridge
Education - Doctor of Science (ScD) received from Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge
1958 - 1969
Career position - Head of the Department of Mechanics and Optics at the Bell Telephone Laboratories, USA
1969 - 1982
Career position - Head of the Department of Applied Physics at Bell Telephone Laboratories
1983 -
Career position - Head of the Station Technology Department at the AT&T Information Systems Laboratories, USA

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