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Biographical entry Dietrich, Koncordie Amalie (1821 - 1891)

26 May 1821
Siebenlehn, Saxony, Germany
9 March 1891
Rendsburg, Germany
Botanist and Naturalist
Alternative Names
  • Dietrich, Amalie


Amalie Dietrich was a German botanist who spent ten years in Queensland (1863-1873) collecting botanical and animal specimens for the Godeffroy Museum in Hamburg. She is commemorated by several species including the wasp Nortonia amaliae and the wattle Acacia dietrichiana. Dietrich was an avid and thorough collector who found many new species, many of which are housed in the National herbarium of Victoria, the Queensland Herbarium and the Zoologisches Institute und Zoologisches Museum in Hamburg Germany.

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Archival resources

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