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Biographical entry St John, Percival Reginald Harry (1872 - 1944)

11 May 1872
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
12 August 1944
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Botanical collector and Botanist
Alternative Names
  • Saint John, P.R.H. (Also known as)


Percy St John joined the staff of the Melbourne Botanic Gardens in 1883 as Assistant Label Writer and progressed to become Storekeeper, Seedsman and Classifier in 1924. As Classifier he had charge of the Economic Botany Museum in the Gardens and added many specimens to the Museum. St John was noted for his wide knowledge on the flora and fauna of Victoria and his expertise in Eucalyptus. He was President of the Field Naturalists Club of Victoria from 1929 to 1930. Over 3,600 specimens collected by St John are in the National Herbarium of Victoria.



1883 - 1900
Career position - Assistant Label Writer, Melbourne Botanic Gardens
1900 - 1917
Career position - Painter and Writer, Melbourne Botanic Gardens
Taxonomy event - St John was commemorated in Eucalyptus stjohnii R.T.Bak.
1917 - 1924
Career position - Head Gardener, Melbourne Botanic Gardens
1924 - 1937
Career position - Storekeeper, Seedsman and Classifier, Melbourne Botanic Gardens
Taxonomy event - Eucalyptus langii Maiden & Blakely. St John collected the type
1929 - 1930
Career position - President, Field Naturalists Club of Victoria
Life event - Retired

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Archival resources

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Published resources

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