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Biographical entry Trikojus, Victor Martin (1902 - 1985)


5 February 1902
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
27 January 1985


Victor Trikojus lectured in organic chemistry and medical organic chemistry at the University of Sydney from 1928-1943. He then moved to the University of Melbourne where he became Professor and Head of the School of Biochemistry 1943-1968. In his research Trikojus was noted for integrating organic chemistry and biochemistry. Much of his focus was on thyroid metabolism: with F. J. R. Hird he identified triiodothyronine. During WWII he worked on the synthesis of drugs needed for treating dysentery and wound sepsis among troops in Papua New Guinea. Trikojus was active in professional organisations, being Vice-President of the Australian Academy of Science from 1964 to 1965 and Chairman of the Australian Biochemical Society on 1956.



Education - BSc, University of Sydney
Education - PhD, University of Oxford
1927 - 1928
Career position - Laboratorium des Staates, Munich, Germany
1928 - 1932
Career position - Lecturer, Department of Organic Chemistry, Laboratorium des Staates, Munich, Germany
1932 - 1943
Career position - Lecturer in medical organic chemistry, Laboratorium des Staates, Munich, Germany
Education - DPhil, University of Oxford
1939 - 1942
Career position - Inaugural Chairman, Drug Sub-committee, Australian Association of Scientific Workers
1939 - 1944
Career position - Director of Research, Medical Equipment Control Committee
1943 - 1968
Career position - Professor of Biochemistry, University of Melbourne
Award - H. G. Smith Memorial Medal, Australian Chemical Institute
1954 - 1985
Award - Foundation Fellow, Australian Academy of Science
1955 - 1964
Career position - Foundation Member, Australian Biochemical Society
Education - DSc, University of Sydney
Career position - Chairman, Australian Biochemical Society
1963 - 1965
Career position - Dean of Graduate Studies, University of Melbourne
1964 - 1985
Award - Honorary Life Member, Australian Biochemical Society
1965 - 1966
Career position - Member, Australian Research Grants Committee
1965 - 1966
Career position - Vice-President, Australian Academy of Science
1967 -
Career position - Member of Council, International Union of Biochemistry
1968 -
Career position - Honorary Research Professor (later Honorary Professor), University of Melbourne
1969 - 1970
Career position - Senior Visiting Scientist, CSIRO, Prospect, New South Wales, and School of Chemistry, University of Melbourne
Award - Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE)
1971 - 1974
Career position - Editor, Historical records of Australian science

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  • McCarthy, Gavan; Sankey Howard, The Papers of Victor Martin Trikojus (1902-1985), 2 vols (Melbourne: Australian Science Archives Project, 1987). Details

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    Swan, John M., Historical Records of Australian Science, 17 (2), (2006), 287-288. Details

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McCarthy, G.J. and Helen Cohn