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Biographical entry Gregory, Augustus Charles (1819 - 1905)


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    Eucalyptus gregoriensis N.G.Walsh & Albr. (1998), 23 January 2013

1 August 1819
Farnsfield, Nottinghamshire, England
25 June 1905
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Surveyor and Explorer


Augustus Gregory was one of Australia's most accomplished explorers. As a surveyor for the Western Australian Government he made a succession of expeditions in Western Australia searching for grazing lands and minerals, including major trips to the Irwin River (1846) and the Gascoigne River (1848). He was often accompanied by his brothers Francis and Henry, also surveyors. Gregory was leader of the North Australian Exploring Expedition (1855 - 1856), an expedition notable for the thousands of miles successfully traversed, the significant scientific discoveries, and the fact that all expedition members returned safely. In 1857 Gregory was engaged by the New South Wales Government to search for traces of Ludwig Leichhardt, departing in March 1858 and, having found some traces of the lost explorer, reaching Adelaide in July. His last major expedition was to survey the southern border of Queensland. In 1859 Gregory moved to Queensland where he was employed as Commissioner for Crown Lands and Surveyor General, and for over 20 years was a member of the Queensland Parliament. He was active in local scientific circles, serving two terms as President of the Royal Society of Queensland.



Life event - Migrated to Western Australia with his family
1841 - 1855
Career position - Surveyor, Surveyor General's Department, Western Australia
Career event - Explored Irwin River district, Western Australia
Career event - Explored Gascoigne River district, Western Australia
August 1855 - December 1856
Career position - Leader of the North Australian Exploring Expedition
Award - Founders' Gold Medal, Royal Geographical Society, London
Career position - Leader of New South Wales Government expedition in search of Ludwig Leichhardt
1859 - 1863
Career position - Commissioner for Crown Lands, Queensland Government
1859 - 1879
Career position - Surveyor General, Queensland Government
Award - Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George (CMG)
1876 - 1883
Career position - Member, Aborigines Commission, Queensland
1876 - 1899
Career position - Trustee, Queensland Museum
1880 - 1905
Career position - Member of Council, Shire of Toowong, Queensland
1882 - 1905
Career position - Member of the Legislative Council, Parliament of Queensland
1883 - 1884
Career position - President, Philosophical Society of Queensland
1887 - 1888
Career position - President, Royal Society of Queensland
Career position - President, Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science
Award - Clarke Medal, Royal Society of New South Wales
Award - Knight Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George (KCMG)
Career position - Mayor of Toowong, Queensland

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Digital resources

Eucalyptus gregoriensis N.G.Walsh & Albr. (1998)
23 January 2013
Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne
The name of this eucalypt refers to the Gregory National Park in the Northern Territory. Neville Walsh and David Albrecht, the authors who named the tree in 1998, also commemorate A.C. Gregory who was the first European to explore the area in 1855-1856.


McCarthy, G.J. and Helen Cohn