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Biographical entry Eardley, Constance Margaret (1910 - 1978)

6 September 1910
Fullarton, South Australia, Australia
15 May 1978
Fullarton, South Australia, Australia
Botanist and Educator


Constance Eardley, a systematic botanist, was a Lecturer in Botany, at the University of Adelaide 1933-1971 and Curator of the two university herbaria. She also conducted her own research, in the areas of sphagnum bogs, swamp vegetation, arid zone plants and cytology.



1933 - 1949
Career position - Co-curator of the herbaria at the Waite Institute and the Botany Department, University of Adelaide, South Australia
1943 - 1966
Career position - Lecturer in Systematic Botany at the University of Adelaide
1947 - 1951?
Career position - Editor, Australasian herbarium news
1966 - 1971
Career position - Senior Lecturer in Systematic Botany at the University of Adelaide

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Archival resources

Barr Smith Library, Special Collections, The University of Adelaide

  • Constance Margaret Eardley - Records, 1927 - 1978, MSS 0021; Barr Smith Library, Special Collections, The University of Adelaide. Details

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Journal Articles

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McCarthy, G.J.