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Biographical entry Considen, Denis (c. 1760 - 1815)

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    Eucalyptus piperita Sm. (1790), Sydney Peppermint, 23 January 2013

c. 1760
29 December 1815
Natural history collector and Surgeon


Denis Considen was surgeon on board the "Scarborough" of the First Fleet (1788) to New South Wales and collected plants for Joseph Banks. He used eucalyptus oil, distilled from Eucalyptus piperita, to treat the sick and declared himself, in a letter to Sir Joseph Banks, as the pioneer in pharmaceutical applications of eucalyptus oil.
Considen graduated in 1804 from his studies in medicine with his thesis De Tetano, which referred to his discovery of eucalyptus oil as an antiseptic and disinfectant for wounds. Botanist Joseph Maiden named Eucalyptus consideriana (1904) for Denis Considen.



Career position - Assistant surgeon of the First Fleet, aboard the Scarborough. Considen treated the sick using Eucalyptus oil, distilled from Eucalyptus piperita Sm. (1790)
Life event - Returned to England from New South Wales, due to ill health
Taxonomy event - Eucalyptus consideniana Maiden was named in honour of Denis Considen

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Digital resources

Eucalyptus piperita Sm. (1790), Sydney Peppermint
23 January 2013
Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne
In 1788, Denis Considen, ship surgeon on the First Fleet, distilled eucalyptus oil from Eucalyptus piperita to treat the sick.


McCarthy, G.J. & Moje, C.