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Biographical entry Despeissis, Jean Marie Adrian (1860 - 1927)

29 December 1860
Mapou, Mauritius
2 May 1927
Wyndham, Western Australia, Australia
Agricultural expert and Viticulturist


Jean Despeissis became consulting viticulturist and inspector of agriculture for the New South Wales government in 1890 and then in 1894 helped establish the WA Bureau of Agriculture. He remained in WA and was commissioner of tropical agriculture for the north-west 1910-1912.

Archival resources

Private hands (d'Espeissis, J.L.)

  • Jean Marie Adrian Despeissis - Records, 1860 - 1927; Private hands (d'Espeissis, J.L.). Details

Published resources

Encyclopedia of Australian Science Exhibitions

Book Sections

Journal Articles

  • Despeissis, Jean Marie Adrian, 'Chemical Aspect of Wine-Making', The Agricultural Gazette of New South Wales, 1 (1890), 253-268. Details


McCarthy, G.J.