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Biographical entry Wilkie, David Elliot (1815 - 1885)

14 August 1815
Rothobyres, Haddington, Scotland
2 April 1885
Paris, France
Physician and Politician


David Wilkie studied medicine in France and Scotland and later moved to Australia. There he specialized in diseases of women and children, and was an honorary physician to the Melbourne Hospital for many years. Wilkie was heavily involved in preventative medicine and was editor of the "Australian Medical Journal", 1858. David Wilkie was also interested in public affairs and after several attempts was finally elected to the Legislative Council for North Western Province in 1858. He took a leading role in Victoria's scientific societies including the medical associations and the Royal Society of Victoria and its predecessors.



Education - MB, University of Edinburgh
Career event - Licentiate of the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh
Life event - Migrated to South Australia
Life event - Settled in Melbourne
Career position - Inaugural Secretary, Port Philip Medical Association
Career position - President, Victoria Medical Society
1854 - 1855
Career position - Treasurer, Philosophical Society of Victoria
1855 - 1857
Career position - Member, Philosophical Institute of Victoria
1856 - 1878
Career position - Treasurer, Melbourne Mechanics' Institute
1857 - 1859
Career position - Vice-President, Philosophical Institute of Victoria
1857 - 1859
Award - Life Member, Philosophical Institute of Victoria
1857 - 1861
Career position - Member, Exploration Committee, Victorian Exploring Expedition
1858 -
Career position - Editor, Australian medical journal
Career position - President, Medical Society of Victoria
1858 - 1868
Career position - Member for the North Western Province, Legislative Council, Parliament of Victoria
1859 - 1885
Award - Life Member, Royal Society of Victoria
1874 - 1878
Career position - Member, Medical Board of Victoria
Life event - Retired

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  • Graham, Howard Boyd, The Honorable David Elliot Wilkie, M.D.: a pioneer of Melbourne (Sydney: Australasian Medical Publishing Company, 1956), 24 pp. Details

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