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Biographical entry Lewis, Fred (1882 - 1956)

4 July 1882
Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia
7 August 1956
Malvern, Victoria, Australia
Conservationist and Naturalist


Fred Lewis worked as clerk with the Victorian Public Service for around twenty-four years before being appointed Head and Chief Inspector of the Department of Agriculture (1924). He was an avid naturalist with a keen sense of conservation. Lewis helped re-establish the near-extinct koala population in Victoria and helped save the fate of local seal populations by proving they were not a threat to the fishing industry. He travelled all over the State conducting field work and wrote numerous articles for the press and natural history journals such as Emu. After retiring from the Victorian Public Service, Fred Lewis continued to pursue his natural history interests. He became President, then Honorary Secretary of the Victorian Field Naturalists' Club and was a member of the management committee of the Sperm Whale Head National Park.



1900 - 1904
Career position - Clerk in the Office of the Public Service Board of the Victorian Public Service
1905 - 1913
Career position - Clerk with the ports and harbours branch of the Department of Public Works
Career position - Established a reserve on Quail Island to re-establish the koala population in Victoria
1913 - 1924
Career position - Supervising Clerk and occasional Acting Chief Inspector of the fisheries and game branch of the Department of Agriculture
Career position - Saved mutton-bird rookeries at Cape Woolamai by revegetating the area
1924 - 1947
Career position - Chief Inspector and Head of Fisheries and Game in the Department of Agriculture
1947 -
Career position - Member of the Victorian Field Naturalists' Club
Life event - Retired
1949 - c. 1951
Career position - Vice-President of the Victorian Field Naturalists' Club
1951 - 1955
Career position - Honorary Secretary of the Victorian Field Naturalists' Club

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