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Biographical entry Hardy, George Hurlstone Hurdlestone (1882 - 1966)

14 August 1882
Twickenham, England
9 January 1966
Entomologist and Engineer
Alternative Names
  • Hardy, George Huddlestone Hurlstone


biology of Diptera, especially Asilidae, Muscidae, Calliphoridae and Sarcophagidae. After completing his studies in entomology in 1922 he became the Walter and Eliza Hall Fellow in Economic Entomology at the University of Queensland. His major research for the next ten years was into blowflies. Hardy collected throughout Australia, particularly in the eastern states. In 1928 he donated a collection of Diptera to the CSIRO Division of Economic Entomology: other collections are in the University of Queensland Insect Collection and the Australian Museum. Hardy played a leading role in the foundation of the Entomological Society of Queensland in 1932, being its first Treasurer. He was also involved in the establishment of similar groups in New South Wales, culminating in the Australian Entomological Society of which he was a founding member from 1964.



Life event - migrated to Western Australia
1913 - 1917
Career position - Acting Curator and Secretary to the Trustees, Tasmanian Museum
1917 - 1966
Career position - Member, Linnean Society of New South Wales
1922 - 1932
Career position - Walter and Eliza Hall Fellow in Economic Biology, University of Queensland
1923 - 1932
Career position - Founding Treasurer, Entomological Society of Queensland
1941 - 1948
Career position - Scientific Assistant, Department of Biology, University of Queensland
Career position - Founding Member, Australian Entomological Society

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Published resources


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See also

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