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Biographical entry Cherry, Thomas Macfarland (1898 - 1966)


21 May 1898
Glen Iris, Victoria, Australia
21 November 1966
Kew, Victoria, Australia


Thomas M. Cherry was a mathematician held in high regard for his research in the mathematics of ait-flow in trans-sonic flight and global differential equation theory. He was influential in the teaching of mathematics in Victoria, both at the University of Melbourne where he was Professor for over 30 years, and in revising the secondary school syllabus. For the University he Supervised the installation and operations of the CSIRAC computer from 1956. He was also Chairman of he Academic Planning Board of La Trobe University. Cherry took a leading role in several mathematics societies, serving terms as President of the Australian Mathematical Society and the Mathematics Association of Victoria. He was a founding member of the Australian Academy of Science and also served a term as President.



Career position - Served with the Australian Flying Corps
Education - BA (hons), University of Melbourne
Education - BA, University of Cambridge
1923 - 1928
Career position - Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge
Education - PhD, University of Cambridge
1925 - 1928
Career position - Fellow, Trinity College, University of Cambridge
1929 - 1934
Career position - President, Mathematics Association of Victoria
1929 - 1952
Career position - Professor of Mathematics, pure and mixed, University of Melbourne
1929 - 1952
Career position - Chairman, University of Melbourne Schools Board
1946 - 1948
Career position - President, Mathematics Association of Victoria
Award - ScD, University of Cambridge
Award - Thomas Ranken Lyle Medal, Australian National Research Council
1952 - 1963
Career position - Professor of Applied Mathematics, University of Melbourne
1954 - 1955
Career position - Member of Council, Australian Academy of Science
1954 - 1966
Award - Foundation Fellow, Australian Academy of Science
1954 - 1966
Award - Fellow, Royal Society. London
1956 - 1958
Career position - Foundation President, Australian Mathematical Society
1956 - 1959
Career position - Secretary, Australian Academy of Science
Career position - President, Section A, Australian and New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science
1961 - 1963
Career position - Foundation President, Victorian Computer Society
1961 - 1964
Career position - President, Australian Academy of Science
Award - Knight Bachelor (Kt)

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Thomas Macfarland Cherry


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