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Corporate entry National Herbarium of Victoria (1896 - )

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    National Herbarium of Victoria, 23 January 2013

December 1896
South Yarra, Victoria, Australia
Collection management and Plant science
Birdwood Avenue, South Yarra, Victoria 3141


The National Herbarium of Victoria dates from December 1896 when the change of name from the Botanical Museum of Melbourne was gazetted. It is one of Australia's largest and most significant botanical collections, holding over 2 million specimens including large numbers of Australian type specimens. Since 1925 the Herbarium has been a constituent part of the Melbourne Botanic Gardens (later Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne). With the passing of the Royal Botanic Gardens Act in 1991 (with effect from 1 July 1992) the Herbarium, its Chief Scientist and its collections including the library and archives (which were designated the State Botanical Collection) were given legislative definition. In 1935 the Herbarium moved from its original home in the Domain to a site within the Botanic Gardens.


The Herbarium has been administered by these Victorian Colonial and Government authorities:
December 1896 - 1902 Chief Secretary's Department
1902 - 1913 Department of Agriculture
1913 - 1925 Chief Secretary' Department
1925 - 1983 Department of Crown Lands and Survey
1983 - 1990 Department of Conservation, Forests and Lands
1990 - 1992 Department of Conservation and Environment
1992 - Royal Botanic Gardens Board


 1853 - 1896 Botanical Museum of Melbourne
       1896 - National Herbarium of Victoria


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Digital resources

National Herbarium of Victoria
23 January 2013
Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne


National Herbarium of Victoria
23 January 2013
Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne


Ailie Smith and Helen Cohn