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Biographical entry Albrecht, David Edward (1962 - )

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    Eucalyptus gregoriensis N.G.Walsh & Albr. (1998), 23 January 2013

16 December 1962
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Taxonomic botanist


David Albrecht joined the National Herbarium in Melbourne, Victoria, as a technician in December 1983, where he later became a Botanist. In 1993, he began working at the Alice Springs Herbarium, and together with Peter Latz developed the collection with important arid Northern Territory specimens from the Darwin Herbarium. David Albrecht has published in journals and written reports for local governments on vegetation management and on the environmental impact of industrial activities. Albrecht is a discerning collector, concentrating on unusual and rarely collected species. He is particularly knowledgeable on the families Epacridaceae, Juncaceae, Lobeliaceae and Rutaceae, and in the flora of Arid Australia.



1983 - 1987
Career position - Technical Officer, National Herbarium of Victoria
1987 - 1993
Career position - Identifications Botanist, National Herbarium of Victoria
1989 - 1991
Career position - Joint Convenor, Melbourne Chapter, Australian Systematic Botany Society
1993 - 2012
Career position - Senior Botanist, Alice Springs Herbarium
Taxonomy event - Eucalyptus gregoriensis N.G.Walsh & Albr., Muelleria 11: 41-44 (1998)
2012 - 2015
Career position - Consultant botanist, Tasmania
2015 -
Career position - Botanical Identification and Liaison Officer, Australian National Herbarium

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Journal Articles

  • Albrecht, D., 'Eden Revisited ... Mueller's 1860 Journey to Twofold Bay-Genoa District', Victorian Naturalist, 113 (1996), 171-180. Details
  • Albrecht, D.E.; Owens, C.T.; Weiller, C. M. & Quinn, C.J., 'Generic concepts in Ericaceae: Styphelioideae - the Monotoca group', Australian Systematic Botany, 23 (5) (2010), 320-332. Details
  • Clarke, Peter J; Latz, Peter K.; Albrecht, David E., 'Long-term changes in semi-arid vegetation: Invasion of an exotic perennial grass has larger effects than rainfall variability.', Journal of Vegetation Science, 16 (2) (2005), 237-248. Details


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Eucalyptus gregoriensis N.G.Walsh & Albr. (1998)
23 January 2013
Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne


Christine Moje and Neville Walsh