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Biographical entry Wilhelmi, Johann Friederich Carl (1829 - 1884)

Dresden, Germany
Dresden, Germany
Botanical collector and Botanist
Alternative Names
  • Wilhelmi, Carl (Also known as)


Carl Wilhelmi was a botanist and plant collector who was in South Australia between 1849 and 1855, during which time he made extensive botanical explorations along the Murray River, Kangaroo Island and the Eyre Peninsula. After moving to Victoria in 1855 he became Acting Government Botanist at the Botanical Museum of Melbourne while the incumbent, Ferdinand Mueller, was participating in the North Australian Exploring Expedition. On Mueller's return Wilhelmi remained at the Museum as Mueller's assistant. Wilhelmi's principal collecting areas in Victoria were the Grampians (of which he was the first to publish a detailed account), the Dandenong Ranges, the Pyrenees and Corner Inlet. In 1863 he made a brief visit to New South Wales. Besides his botanical work he studied aboriginal use of native plants. He returned to Germany in 1869 where set up business as seedsman. Wilhelmi's collections, mainly from South Australia and Victoria, are in the National Herbarium of Victoria.



Life event - Migrated to South Australia
Taxonomy event - Eucalyptus cladocalyx F.Muell. (1853). Wilhelmi collected the type.
Life event - Moved to Victoria
1856 - 1857
Career position - Acting Government Botanist, Botanical Museum of Melbourne
1857 - 1868
Career position - Assistant Botanist, Botanical Museum of Melbourne
Life event - Returned to Germany

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