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Biographical entry Hussey, Jessie (1862 - 1899)

5 June 1862
Port Elliott, South Australia, Australia
16 March 1899
Port Elliott, South Australia, Australia
Botanical collector


Jessie Hussey was an enthusiastic and skilled plant collector, particularly of algae, in the southeast of South Australia during the 1890s. She sent many of her specimens to Victorian Government Botanist Ferdinand von Mueller in Melbourne for identification. He in turn sent the algal specimens to phycologist Jacob Agardh in Sweden and she continued to collect for Agardh and other European phycologists after Mueller's death. Hussey was a member of the Field Naturalist's Section of the Royal Society of South Australia and an Honorary Member of the Mueller Botanical Club of Western Australia. The National Herbarium of Victoria holds over 700 of her specimens

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