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Biographical entry Udovicic, Frank (1966 - )

Botanist and Phylogenetic systematist


Frank Udovicic was the first molecular systematist to be appointed to the National Herbarium of Victoria. His research is on the phylogeny and classification of Australian plants with a strong emphasis on molecular phylogenetics of eucalypts and other genera in the family Myrtaceae. In 2003 he became Manager, Plant Sciences, at the Herbarium.



Education - Bachelor of Science (Honours), First Class, University of Melbourne, Australia
Education - PhD, University of Melbourne, Australia
1995 - 1997
Career position - Postdoctoral Fellow, CSIRO Plant Industry, Canberra
1997 - 1999
Career position - Postdoctoral Fellow, The University of Melbourne
1999 - 2003
Career position - Molecular Systematist, Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne
2003 -
Career position - Manager, Plant Sciences, Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne
Education - Diploma of Business (Frontline Management), Box Hill Institute

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Journal Articles

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