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Biographical entry Eaton, Alice (1870 - 1932)

1 March 1870
Western Australia, Australia
19 April 1932
Beverley, Western Australia, Australia
Botanical collector
Alternative Names
  • Heal, Alice (married name)


Alice Eaton and her sister Mary Martha Eaton (1868 - 1941) both collected plant specimens around the family home in Youngedin, Western Australia, and near the sources of the Swan and Blackwood Rivers. Included in Alice's collections were a number of type specimens. Her collections date from1888 and continued after her marriage in 1895 to farmer Arthur Heal (1849 - 1924). Alice corresponded with Ferdinand von Mueller, Victorian Government Botanist in Melbourne, and over 750 of her specimens are retained in the National Herbarium of Victoria.

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  • Maroske, Sara and Vaughan, Alison, 'Ferdinand Mueller's Female Plant Collectors: a Biographical Register', Muelleria, 32 (2014), 92-172. Details

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