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Biographical entry Molyneux, William Mitchell (Bill) (1935 - )

Botanist, Environmental consultant and Horticulturalist


William Molyneux has worked as environmental consultant, horticultural botanist and author. In early 2000, William Molyneux and Susan Forrester discovered a new Eucalyptus species in Victoria's East Gippsland, and published their discovery in 2013 (A new mallee species Eucalyptus phoenix). In collaboration with Kevin Rule and Susan Forrester, he has named other Eucalyptus species, as well as Acacia, Grevillea and an orchid. William Molyneux researched and developed many Australian plant cultivars and published several native gardening books. He developed the Banksia hybrid 'Birthday Candles', a dwarf cultivar of Banksia spinulosa. He has been working as Honorary Research Fellow with the School of Botany at La Trobe University and as Honorary Associate with Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne.



2004 -
Career position - Honorary Associate, National Herbarium of Victoria

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  • Molyneux, Bill and Forrester, Sue, The Austraflora A-Z of Australian plants (Kew, Vic.: Reed, 1997), 189 pp. Details
  • Molyneux, Bill and Macdonald, Ross, Native gardens : how to create an Australian landscape (Melbourne, Vic.: Nelson, 1983), 168 pp. Details

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  • 'List of native plant species and subspecies under author abbreviation search '% Molyneux %' (including wildcards)', Australian Plant Name Index (APNI), Australian National Botanic Gardens, 2012, Details

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